Work for us

Having worked in the legal recruitment industry for nearly two decades, our Managing Director Siobhan Courtney has recruited, trained and developed over 60 recruitment consultants with varying knowledge and ability from raw graduates to experienced consultants.

Siobhan says “Eventus Legal is a little bit different from the ‘normal’ recruitment consultancy.  The main difference being that we genuinely believe work/life balance is imperative. We all work from our individual homes, so there’s no hideous commute, but we still work very much as a team, so it really is the best of both worlds.

I have realised over the years that recruitment has not been flexible and fluid enough for those consultants that, for example, want to start a family, or want to be able to work flexible hours. I believe this is a valuable benefit and strongly believe that this is the essential way to work for a firm, to develop and continue to be successful in the 21st Century.”

Don’t just take my word for it, this is what our Recruitment Consultants say about working for Eventus Legal:-

“Eventus is genuinely a great workplace and is one built on trust. This Trust drives sustainable engagement and engagement drives our business performance. At Eventus all employees are valued.  We are given endless opportunities to have our own input in to decision making and ongoing change and growth.”

“Working for Eventus is a win-win.  It allows me to be home based giving me the work life balance and flexibility I need whilst at the same time allowing me to do what I enjoy by continuing my career in legal recruitment.  I’m lucky to work with such other like minded consultants and whilst we all work remotely we are still very much one team working together and supporting one another as would be the case in any office.  For our candidates and clients, our culture is professional, ethical and not heavily target driven meaning we can focus on delivering the right service to our clients and candidates in a non-pressurised environment.”

“It’s lovely working within a small team. We aren’t fighting over the glory, we are all genuinely promoting each other. There is always someone on hand to ask questions, and run something by them. The flexibility of speaking to candidates at any time day/night benefits the candidates as well.”