Interview Techniques

Interviews can be daunting and sometimes, due to nerves, don’t  give a true indication of one’s ability.
Here are a few points to assist you…

  • Thoroughly research the firm you are going to, don’t just look at their website, look at their competitors, read the legal press and gain as much information about them as possible
  • Think about areas where your experience would fit/add to their firm- think of specific examples
  • Wear a matching suit, shoes polished, everything possible to suggest a professional and corporate attitude
  • Always answer questions clearly and concisely, be direct and dont “witter on”
  • Discuss your strengths throughout your interview, have specific examples of achievements prepared
  •  DO NOT highlight areas of weakness unless asked, if you are asked for weaknesses think of something which is actually a strength
  • Always have at least 5 well thought out and relevant questions for the interviewer, these can often come about through your firm’s research
  • When we organise an interview for you, we will work through this together in greater detail and tailor some interview preparation that specifically suits you and your needs.