Recruiters dream

I often hear amongst recruiters, I just can’t find good candidates!

We all know that good candidates are out there, the problem is the way we try to gain their interest, and their trust, for them to allow us to find them a new role.

So many times we hear I’m happy where I am, or I can’t be bothered with the hassle, or lots of recruiters have promised they would get back to me and I’ve heard nothing!

The challenge for us and  our clients  is how to engage with these risk averse candidates. What can you do to attract professionals to your role, and most importantly encourage your preferred candidate to leave their current company and join yours.

We all seem to focus a lot on what the company perks are , holidays, dress down Fridays, day off for your birthday. These are great plus factors, but we need to be focusing on what matters to them most, whether it be salary, or career progression, part time working etc.

Some points we can look at further before we start looking for candidates:

Make sure you have a great job specification, how can you promote a firm with no details?

Know your firm, visit them, see what sort of staff they have already working there, speak to them, find out what they like and dislike about the firm.

Ensure you know travel details, can this candidate catch a train/bus etc to the office, would they need to drive, is there parking close by.

All these things help a prospective candidate make up their mind about a role, and of course this benefits you in the long run by you doing the best for your candidate in placing them within a firm they will be happy with, and a client that will be happy with you as a recruiter.


I am proud to say at Eventus Legal we pride ourselves on not being a ” bums on seats” recruitment firm. We pride ourselves on taking the time to meet firms and candidates, finding out more about them and truly helping, which is why we have so many firms coming back to us time and time again.

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