Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional online network. Use LinkedIn to build your online identity and CV, which travels with you throughout your professional career. Profiles record work experience, skills, achievements, volunteer work, endorsements and interests.

Through LinkedIn you can build a network of contacts such as employers, careers advisors, recruitment consultancy agencies, colleagues and peers, educational institutions, organisations and mentors to help provide you with information and open up job opportunities.

On LinkedIn you can follow groups, professional associations and organisations in industry and those you aspire to work for.

LinkedIn is a useful research tool for you to learn about different organisations. You can follow company blogs on LinkedIn and keep up-to-date with news items about what companies are working on, new tools, new developments etc. This information will allow you to attend interviews armed with useful information to answer questions.

Lots of employers consider reading a LinkedIn profile even more important than a CV.

Using LinkedIn is a useful job search tool and provides access to the hidden jobs markets where jobs are never advertised. Your next job could be through your network so your network has to reflect your future career aspirations to achieve your goals.

If you search for someone online, often their LinkedIn profile is listed first in search engines. By having a profile, it will help employers find the most important information directly, when they are looking to recruit.

LinkedIn is a useful way to keep in touch with your professional network.

Use LinkedIn

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