Manager Management

The process of management is not just confined to the Manager managing the Staff, it actually occurs in all directions. As well as downwards, ie. in the direction of the Staff, it’s also sometimes necessary to manage sideways and upwards. This blog provides useful advice on manager management and how to manage upwards and work effectively with your manager.

manager management

The process of managing sideways, I feel, not only covers managing ourselves, but also managing our peers. The fact is that sometimes we do have to manage our peers, ie. we might have to co-operate and work together with another Manager of equal status but take the lead in some way for various reasons, eg. special expertise.

The process of manager management / managing upwards, however, may not seem too obvious but, to some extent, we all do it. Children “manage” their parents, no matter what age they might be! In very much the same way, many people manage their bosses. The list below contains some of the strategies which you might use if you want to accomplish this task painlessly :-

16 tips for manager management

1. Gain the Bosses trust – be open and honest.

2. Find out when the “best times” are – to approach the Boss
eg. when other people are out

3. Be loyal.

4. Make a good impression.

5. Admit your mistakes and keep the Boss informed.

6. Let the Boss know of problems in advance.

7. “Favours for favours” eg. save money.

8. Give the Boss credit for your ideas (acknowledge their support and give credit when they allow you the freedom to implement your ideas).

9. Be prepared to let things drop.

10. Be good at presenting a case.

11. Collect the facts.

12. Find out what motivates and influences the Boss.

13. Know the Boss’s objectives and points of view.

14. How can your ideas fit into the Boss’s?

15. Use appraisals and reviews to tell the Boss what you think.

16. Link your needs to the organisational objectives.


A disobedient dog is only allowed to stray on its lead. An obedient one is allowed to roam freely.

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